Hearing Experts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


    • Founded Date 1st January 1900
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    Company Description

    Hearing Experts is an innovative hearing aids provider originating from Germany. As one of the largest and most reputable hearing aids provider, we boast the highest number of satisfied customers in Germany.

    Here in South East Asia, Hearing Experts aims to provide customers with the same quality advice and personalised hearing solutions, all in the comfort of a customer’s own home.

    We accomplish this largely through phone consultancy, where we discuss and evaluate a customer’s personal situation and then provide the best solution for his or her case.

    Hearing Experts aims to lower the hurdles that keep many people from informing themselves about hearing aids. Our extensive experience with all existing hearing aid manufacturers takes the burden of having to make comparisons off our customer’s hands – we make the hearing aid market transparent for our customers whilst offering the most up-to-date models at the best price.